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Brexit Update – June 2016

CEO, CIO and Portfolio Manager (Global), Hamish Douglass outlines his assessment of the recent Brexit vote and implications for investors. Well worth watching the following informative 15-minute interview: Source: Magellan Asset Management Limited

Federal Budget Update – May 2016

The 2016 budget contained extensive changes to superannuation – the biggest in a decade. These unfortunately will add complexity to savings and investment plans and of concern include some retrospective measures. While the media has widespread coverage, we will recap a few key aspects of budget announcements on saving and...
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Headwinds: Debt, Demography, Disruption

by Matt Sherwood, Head of Investment Strategy, Perpetual Investment Management Limited It has been a tough start to 2016 in most asset classes with advances in only traditional safe havens, such as gold, US Treasury bonds and the Yen, as global investors’ de-risk portfolios. Matt Sherwood, Perpetual’s Head of Investment Strategy,...
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